“Flash” surgery cuts down on breast augmentation recovery period

June 1, 2012 No Comments »

Breast augmentation recovery is something that all women considering implants needs to take into account, but a new technique may leave patients with a much shorter recovery period than normal. KPRC in Houston reports new "flash" breast augmentation is cutting down on the time women are out of commission following a breast implant procedure.

Only some plastic surgeons are certified to perform the new type of surgery, according to the news source. The new technique results in a very short rest period with no bleeding or narcotics. Many patients report being able to go out at night after getting their silicone breast implants in the morning.

That being said, those who have opted for the flash surgery have felt a bit groggy the next day.

"It's almost as if you went and bench-pressed or went into the gym, and you haven't gone for six months – that's kind of how you feel the next day," recent patient Mirasol Lejia told the news source.

Still, the feeling of fatigue is preferable to what patients typically deal with when it comes to breast augmentation recovery.

"I'm surprised myself at how good I feel right now," said Lejia.

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