Advantages of Breast Implants

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Advantages of Breast Implants

One of the most important things you can do to help make the right decision about breast implant surgery, is to understand a few of the ways they can improve your life.

Confidence Builder
The number one advantage of breast augmentation is an improved self-esteem. Studies show that implants boost the confidence of the majority of patients. The one caveat that goes along with this improved self-image, is that women may not be more satisfied with their life after a successful surgery. Breast implants will not necessarily increase your level of happiness. If you are dealing with depression and are looking for a quick fix, implants may not be your best option. Depression can be a serious psychological disorder, and one that can be improved with the help of your regular doctor.

One fear women have about breast implants, is that they won’t be satisfied with the results. According to the data collected from previous patients, around 80 percent of patients (8 out of 10) are glad that they did the procedure, and would do it again.

Improved Sex
Another advantage of breast implants is an improved sex life. It is no secret that body image affects your interest in, quality of, and amount of sex you have. According to a recent poll, 34 percent of women who underwent breast enhancement, claimed to be more satisfied today, compared to their post-surgery love life. In addition, 61 percent of these women reported having more sex with their partner. This presumably would also have a positive effect on the partners in these women’s lives, resulting in a slight increase in general relationship satisfaction.

A Barrier to Injury
While safety is not a common reason for considering breast augmentation, there are stories in the news that suggest implants can serve as a buffer to injury. In the event of being struck in the chest by either an assailant or car crash, some patients have discovered their implants have served as a barrier, protecting them from severe trauma.

All jokes aside, breast implants have not only improved women’s self-esteem; they have saved lives. For the most part, there is no right or wrong with getting implants. The most important prerequisites to making a good decision is having realistic expectations, a positive self-image, and a board-certified doctor to help guide you towards the kinds of improvements that will make you feel more like yourself.

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  1. Kelby April 18, 2012 at 4:35 am - Reply

    Thanks for the fantastic video! My esrgury is next friday (breasts,abdomen and thighs). Question: How much did it hurt? I heard it’s a burning sensation. Also I’m wondering how much did the excess skin weigh. I saw another of your videos that said it would be about 35 pounds. My surgeon didn’t tell me the poundage.

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