Top 10 Cities in the U.S. to Get a Breast Augmentation

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Top 10 Cities in the U.S. to Get a Breast Augmentation

Many people who opt for plastic surgery solutions generally use a local surgeon. Without full disclosure on pricing, most do not realize that traveling one state over can result in thousands of dollars in cost savings. Our recent case study of plastic surgery costs across the United States show conclusive evidence that local may not be the most economical. In particular, the price of breast implants varies significantly from state to state. Surveying over 160 clinics across the United States, our research shows that breast augmentation does not follow a set pricing guide. The average cost of the procedure can vary by thousands of dollars only a few miles away, depending solely on the location of where the procedure is performed.

Below is a list of the top 10 cities in the U.S. to have breast augmentation surgery performed based on pricing and location chosen. These cities were surveyed based on the high recommendations and certifications of the plastic surgeons, competitive prices, and the factor of having a comfortable (vacation-like) surrounding from which to heal, post procedure.

Our findings show that the cheapest city to receive saline breast augmentation is Miami followed by Washington, Austin and Chicago. The most expensive cities (based on the lowest price offered at various clinics in the location, while maintaining our high quality standards required) are San Francisco, Dallas and Seattle. These results show the pricing for saline breast augmentation, specifically. Silicone breast augmentation is generally more expensive than saline and reports on specific silicone breast implant pricing will be revealed in a separate post.


1. Miami, FL
Lowest: $2,249

2. Washington, DC
Lowest: 3,500

3. Austin Texas
Lowest: $4,000

4. Chicago, IL
Lowest: $4,000

5. Las Vegas, NV
Lowest: $4,000

6. San Diego, CA:
Lowest: $4,500

7. San Francisco, CA:
Lowest: $4,800

8. Dallas, TX
Lowest: $5,140

9. Seattle, WA:
Lowest: $5,500

10. St. Louis, MO
Lowest: $5,700


Study based on calling 160 different clinics across the United States to determine pricing. Results shown reveal the lowest price found in that area offered for the specific procedure of saline breast augmentation.

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